Salespeople are Lazy

Salespeople are Lazy

I should know. I am one.

I have sold many different products and services over the years, mostly B2B and very technical.  Like most salespeople I know, I hate to prospect.  It wasn’t until the high of finishing out a good quarter had faded, and that empty pipeline was staring back at me from the screen, did I finally start making those calls.  Sharpspring changed all of that.

Finding Sharpspring

In 2015 I was using a few different sales tools. An email service provider (ESP), CRM, Google Analytics, web visitor tracking, etc.  I had a dream of integrating all of theses, even going as far as hiring a freelance programmer to build a database to integrate data from all these platforms.  Then I discovered Sharpspring.  It gave me all the tools I depended on daily- plus all of those on my wishlist- all in one package and for a very affordable price!

Powerful Tool

Now, instead of salespeople just getting leads on email with no context, no idea of level of interest, they are served up hot leads that have been nurtured, identified, and qualified.  Sharpspring will automatically assign a “lead score” to leads based on their job title, web pages viewed, emails opened, videos watched, white papers read- whatever the key measures are for your sales process.  The “selling” has been done through these interactions.  Below is an example of Sharpspring’s sales pipeline.

On the left are all the leads who have crossed an adjustable lead score threshold. Going to the right are all the configurable sales stages.  Sharpspring can even accommodate multiple sales funnels for different products, customers, sales processes.  After tending to all the opportunities in the various stages, I like to then tap the hot leads from the column on the left.  Often it’s just one phone call and they become a new opportunity.  Gone are the days of looking at an inbox full of emailed leads, dreading task of calling each one to see if they are ready to buy.

I love this tool for diagnosing sales process problems for my clients.  The tracking allows me to see where the best leads are coming from, which web pages convert best, how they are handled one they have become an opportunity. Read more here.

I have become a fan.  So much so I have since become an Agency Partner for Sharpspring.  If your company sells a product or service that has a high cost-per-lead, you owe it to yourself to get a demo of Sharpspring.


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